A dental implant is the artificial metallic roots that are positioned in the jawline by a dental surgeon. They allow your dental doctor to place artificial tooth or crown on the metallic post. Pensacola dentist use titanium made dental implants.

Why choose dental implants over other procedures?

Dental implants are used to fill the place of the lost tooth. They are better and long term solution than dentures, bridges. The procedure is getting popular day by day as it also helps in eating and speech. This technique is suitable for everyone but there are some mandatory checkups before taking any decision. Your doctor suggests you the better option to fill the empty space on your jaw due to the tooth loss. People with sore gums and weak jawbone cannot take advantage of this procedure. We suggest them other better options in our clinic after the full examination. In dental implant technique, your doctor only works on a particular tooth place, none of the other teeth are disturbed. This is a safe and very effective solution to tooth loss due to any reason.


Implants are generally expensive than other replacement methods but are long-term solutions. If you are the one who needs a dental implant in Pensacola, we have the team of best dentists in Pensacola who are always there to help you.  They will also discuss the various other options to make you fully aware of all possible procedures so that you make a right choice.

ENDOSTEAL IMPLANTS And SUBPERIOSTEAL DENTAL IMPLANTS  are considered to be safe by the American Dental Association.

ENDOSTEAL IMPLANTS: This dental implant complete in two parts. The first surgery is required to place the implant into the jawbone, this is the main surgery. Second is needed to fit the post into the implant on top of which your dentist will place the artificial tooth called crown.

Both surgeries held at different times, After the first one, your doctor takes some time before other surgery. In order to make sure implant can fit in its place without creating any problem or irritation. The healing time depends upon the health of a person.

SUBPERIOSTEAL IMPLANT: This consist of a metal frame which generally attaches below the gum tissues. When gum tissues heal properly, posts are attached to the frame and dentist place crown over the attached metallic post.


First of all, a dentist checks your bone, gum health because a healthy bone and gum required for dental implant surgery. When he ensures you have healthy mouth than he/she starts the dental procedure. Firstly the soft tissues are splitting so that the implant can have thick tissues around it. Flaps are pushed back to make the jawbone visible in order to strongly install the implant.

In second step small holes are made by using high-speed dental drills, now doctor uses another drill which is slightly wider than first one to wide the pilot hole according to the size of the implant. After this, the implant screw is placed in its place (self-tapping implant screw are used)

In last part of the surgery, gum tissues are used to cover the implant completely. Another procedure is required at later date to uncover the implant for further treatment.

THE HEALING TIME: The implant healing time depends upon the various factors.Normally it requires 4 to 6 months to heal completely from the surgery. Tn this time period jaw bone will grow to the surface of an implant to make it more stable. Stability of installed implant is checked before going into the next procedure.

Researchers have shown that healing time is different for each individual. It depends upon the health or density of bone tissues. We all have different healing times according to our body structure or health levels.


It is advised to visit your dentist after every 3 months to check the condition of your dental implant. it should be cleaned like your other teeth. Discoloration of the mounted crown is normal with passing time. Dentists in Pensacola offer best dental implant procedures at very reasonable cost.

There are many risks involved in this dental implants like excessive bleeding, Other Infections, Damages to other teeth or bone, Damage to blood vessels or complete dental implant failure. So always choose best dentists for your dental needs. If you have any kind of dental issues and want an affordable, best solution. Visit Pensacola dentist in Pensacola, Florida.