TOOTH WHITENING: Tooth Whitening is a technique used by the dentist to lighten the teeth color. This procedure is also called teeth bleaching or teeth whitening, it is a common dental procedure. Many people choose professional tooth bleaching to remove stains or yellow color with any side effect. There are also many different methods available for teeth lightening which includes, Teeth whitening toothpaste, Whitening lasers, Gels etc. For tooth whitening in Pensacola, give us a call.


We recommend professional tooth bleaching over other methods where the entire procedure is done under the dentist supervision. When the outer most layer of teeth gets stained or discolored due to various reasons including some medical conditions, you need to visit a dentist to make your teeth brighter back to normal. Our tooth enamel contains tiny pores (microscopic pores) through which teeth absorb everything that we eat, especially liquid beverages. Those drink coffee or cola on regular basis often have yellow or stained teeth.

Smoking is the main cause of developing teeth stains (discoloration of teeth). Our genes decide the color of our teeth at the time of birth. Eating spicy or fast food daily can increase the size of existed stains or change the natural color of teeth. In our clinics, we daily deal with many patients who are dissatisfied with their teeth color. We do tooth whitening for them at an affordable cost.

How We Do Teeth Whitening In Our Clinics?

We use Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide according to the dental condition of our patient. These bleaching agents are safe to use for tooth whitening in Pensacola. First, we make an appointment with the patient to discuss all about the teeth lightening including cost, effectiveness, precautions etc. Each Patient gets checked also for other dental issues for example. if someone has gum issues we do not advise them teeth whitening because for this type of teeth whitening one must have healthy teeth and gums.

When we find them fit for teeth bleaching than we start our procedure. Tooth whitening may take up to 1 hour in a dentist office to get properly done. Some people like to do it at home and they end up with no results, so we advise you to come to our office we will give you your brighter smile back. We have different teeth whitening agents or chemicals which are safe to use and are more powerful than over the counter products. Our clinics also offer Laser Teeth whitening technique where a laser is required to stimulate the whitening material.

Remember that results vary for every individual this is due to the difference in our natural teeth color. You are advised to not to do teeth whitening at home. The chemicals that we use in our clinics are more powerful and safe to use, we know their best use. If they touch your gums or you do not put protection for gums before using whitening agents, you will damage your gums very badly. Go to a professional for best results, the procedure is not costly if done by an experienced dentist.